Token Distribution



Definitely the fund structure will keep changing depending on the opinion made by legal our counsels. However, at this time 50% of AFCASH will be allocated to public contributors, 30% will remain the Company and Foundation reserve for projects development and for funding Social & Ecological projects. Fifteen percent (15%) will be reserved for Founding Members, 3% for the Advisors and Partners while the remaining 2% will be channeled towards distributions to our Bounty Campaigners.


At the end each Financial Year, 20% of AFRICUNIA BANK’s Profit will be distributed among all Holders of our Token (AFCASH) based on each Holder’s Share of total amount of Tokens issued, and this will be automatically paid out to our Coin Users in their respective Wallets. In other words, you are entitled to AFRICUNIA BANK’s revenue. Consider this as a PASSIVE INCOME.